Why choose us
Provide customers with quality assurance products
All products are manufactured in their own factories, with guaranteed quality and environmental protection, which is more competitive than purchasing prices from third-party traders.
Strong and managed R&D team
Have a strong high-quality research and development team, strictly implement ISO9001/ISO14001 international management operation and production.
We take pride in the after-sales service
Have a group of professional after-sales teams to solve all kinds of problems you encounter during use.
Product workshop

100% factory production, less middlemen links, to win more profit margins for customers.
Different brand, different production line  

Each pull line is produced by brand, which is more professional and effective, and provides customers with faster delivery.
Product quality inspection

The engineering department first tested the raw materials, re-examined, and 100% machine test to ensure that the machine was installed correctly.

The company's business continues to expand, and has participated in foreign exhibitions for 8 consecutive years, connecting foreign customers and expanding overseas business.
Rechina asia
Remax World  Expo 2018 
Remax World  Expo 2018 
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Provide customers with professional printing supplies

With nearly 20 years of production experience, we have won an excellent reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. While satisfying mass production, we have greatly reduced costs and provided our customers with cost-effective and cost-effective products. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit the site, looking forward to your co operation!
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